Justin Connor’s music is a fearless celebration of various musical styles and sounds — infusing 
dreamy melodies, lush arrangements, 70’s classic rock acoustics, and spacey mantras that
 seek to soothe the senses with a common collective thread of consciousness.
 The heart of the music is centered on Justin’s soulful voice, which often embodies a soft, 
earnest whisper reminiscent of a young Harry Nilsson, while putting his own stamp on defining a 
unique, contemplative, musical pop genre with style to spare. Growing up in New England in a musical household of first generation Irish descendants, Justin 
was no stranger to a textured tapestry of musical influences from his parents and siblings alike,
 but eventually grew tired of piano lessons as a child, and discarded playing music altogether for 
nearly two decades.
 After graduating from college, he packed his Volvo and headed out West — moving his way up
 the Hollywood ranks while pursuing his childhood dream of becoming an actor.    In between acting jobs, Justin felt the itch to give music another try and ended up buying a 
friend’s keyboard and guitar, which led to a flourish of demos that soon became the impetus for
 his critically acclaimed debut album entitled, KALIYUGA, which he wrote, recorded, produced,
 and engineered largely by himself in his tiny makeshift studio and released the 
album on his own indie record label, Wiry Pulse Records.
 With such a unique sound in tow, his music caught the ears of KCRW’s legendary music 
program Morning Becomes Eclectic in Los Angeles, who culled some of Justin’s tracks into their 
program’s rotation.

     His most recent project is a tour de force musical feature film and album entitled, THE GOLDEN
 AGE. Written, directed, produced, composed by and starring the author, and the winner of both
 the Audience Award at the 
Awareness Film Festival
 and Best Performance Award at the 
 Hampshire Film Festival
, the film’s anticipated release date is June 1st of 2020 on Amazon.
     His debut album, KALIYUGA, is currently available on iTunes, and he plans to release THE GOLDEN AGE as a double album soundtrack in addition to his memoir novel, A DAY IN THE LIES, which both accompany the feature film. He currently splits time between music, acting jobs, painting, and prepping the release of
 his third album entitled, MATERIAL LIFE.


“When making a faux documentary about musicians and/or the music industry, it takes quite a bit of originality not to be overshadowed by THIS IS SPINAL TAP. While scores of filmmakers have tried, only a few have succeeded, such as Woody Allen’s charming and underrated SWEET AND LOWDOWN or the hilarious SONS OF PROVO, which also used religion as its backdrop. So, when I state that writer/director/star JustinConnor’s new movie THE GOLDEN AGE compares handsomely to those titles, please note the revered talent he joins.

Each and every song written and performed for the film was catchy and playful, yet profound; striking a delicate balance of distinctive, but radio-friendly. They eloquently tie the themes, ideas, character progression, and styles of music together perfectly— the songs are amazing.

The movie’s secret weapon is Connor…He portrays Maya as a man of intense passion and beliefs, but never makes him pretentious or stuck up. As a director, he finds an emotional honesty that runs through the movie and he keeps things moving along nicely. Justin Connor is a force to be reckoned with who has a fulfilling career ahead of him.”  

“Justin Connor’s music is mellow and contemplative, with dreamily pretty vocal harmonies and lyrics that are fairly abstract, often tastefully building from simple piano and vocals to full instrumentation…with sinuous violin lines, echoey electronic beeps and swooshes, his music is unearthly…it’s quite appealing.”

“Justin Connor’s music, though decidedly contemporary and rather quirky in it’s originality, is lush and lovely with production work that demonstrates how good he can get. There are surprises throughout with ambient sounds, layers of harmony, unexpected changes, and shifting dynamics. Yet with all of this, his music remains sufficiently pop, a collage of sections and sounds altogether like something from a nearly 70’s concept album.”

“Gorgeous post-apocalyptic pop music. Justin Connor is well-schooled in the art of songwriting…the songs exude a kind of cheery melancholy that’s hard to describe any other way…the music is tragically beautiful. Songs for the end of the world – and end that you won’t mind at all.”

“The music flows along in a drifting dream state, wrapped in the almost-whispered vocals of Justin Connor. It’s a fantastically depressing pop sound, and often finds its way out of melancholy into a bizarre acid trip…in a weird way, it all fits together and becomes downright mesmerizing.”

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